About whom the gossip?

We used to relate to her rather complacently: still not a denunciation, not a deliberate slander aimed at destroying a person. Gossip – rather a truncated truth, a light genre that encroaches not for life, but only for the image. But the person about whom the gossip is launched is not easier.

My good acquaintance was in such a situation. And was confused. His loved ones were also confused. Nobody before this case, it turns out, was thinking about how to react to gossip correctly. Previously, someone listened to this with a hidden curiosity, the other waved with a laugh, the third rejected with indignation. But these were other people’s gossip, about strangers.

We began to discuss together: what to do? The first reaction is hot resentment, a public contempt, and even a demand to present evidence. Quite quickly, however, everyone agreed that this impulsive and, it would seem, the most natural move would not lead to anything: the gossip would not wound and would not stop the gossip. Rather, on the contrary. Because it is said: “The hat is on the thief”.

After all, the gossip does not bother with evidence, but only “interprets” the facts. The fact was in a successful career of a young man if he had an influential father -in -law (albeit from another department). It turned out that the young special was married for career reasons. Here it is just right to present evidence of your love. Stupid. This is designed to be hidden in any gossip of sales.

I remembered how he behaved, finding himself in a similar situation, Alexander Blok. The day after the gossip entered in the newspaper (that the poet married Lyubov Dmitrievna Mendeleeva due to the big dowry) Blok publicly welcomed the author of notes with emphasized cordiality and friendliness. The one, as the witnesses of the scene noticed, was unpleasantly amazed and embarrassed. With his behavior, the block depreciated the act of gossip, putting the gossip with a person not only stupid, but also secretly self -loving. Everyone suddenly realized that the gossip speaks more about the gossip itself than about who she is directed against.

Someone objected to me: Blok is a man of a high spiritual system, besides a famous poet, not everyone is able to do so. But I think that the point is not only in the high system of the soul, but also in practical consideration. Gossip – in some way an act of creativity, a performance, for which at least the second performer is needed. The hero of gossip can become her co -co -creeper if he rushes to the offender with fists or begins to demand evidence.

And on the contrary, with its non -participation it can come to naught. The same can be said about the behavior of “spectators”. The gossip uses the same laws as the truth, appealing to the

Imidlertid, hvis en mann uten problemer opplever en orgasme etter onani, men under klasser med kjærlighet med en partner kan hvordan styrke ereksjon ikke nå en topp seksuell nytelse, bør han kontakte en psykolog. En spesialist vil bidra til å bestemme hvilke faktorer ejakulasjon som forhindrer og utvikler terapi for å løse problemet raskt og effektivt.

simple -minded faith in details. Family flair does not help. Only faith in a person who you know is more complete and better will help to behave correctly.


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